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Prevent and Decrease Obesity/Diabetes et al
with Emphasis on the Children, especially Infants

by Nicholas J. Krilanovich, M.Sc.

Introduction to the website.

With this global health crisis there is a growing realization that a few are gaining short-term profits while billions are losing long-term health.  Around the world, highly advertised junk foods and junk drinks are causing health problems because those items are so at odds with our evolutionary heritage, and these problems are beyond the effects of their calories.

This article addresses the obesity/diabetes epidemic especially as it relates to the little ones and to fructose misuse.  It points out that feeding infants and toddlers sugarwaters such as 100% fruit juice and other soft drinks is the biggest dietary evolutionary discordance of all and can lead toward insulin resistance, childhood obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.  This could also be causing some mental disorders. How much fructose are we feeding them?  Ten times the amount of natural fructose being ingested even by adults (in gm/kg bodyweight)!  That’s nearly infinity times the amount they were fed for the previous millions of years because their natural food, Mom’s milk, has no fructose.

The erroneous notion that “a calorie is a calorie” fools us by raising junk food up to the level of healthful food.  Particularly in our biochemically immature children, fructose misuse causes many troubles beyond its calories, such as fructose-induced, dose-dependent ATP depletion in the liver and, probably, undiagnosed liver failure. We must stop playing with the vital liver-cell chemistry of our children! It’s time to begin the process of removing fructose from the GRAS list.

The Glycemic Index misleads us because the low GI of sucrose, and especially that of fructose, encourages the use of harmful sugars even for our innocent children; and, in the few children who have undiagnosed hereditary fructose intolerance, this could actually be fatal.

For those already obese, weight control via a total-body approach to healing is proposed.

And not the least of the benefits:  to prevent and decrease obesity/diabetes will help cut health-care costs.

IN THE FOLLOWING, decimal numbers in parentheses, such as (6.13), designate a subsection while numbers in brackets, such as [12], designate references in the article.

It is interesting that scientific articles on the evils of fructose have appeared from 1912 and, with ever greater frequency, into 2009.  A few examples.  In 1912, “Maillard himself first reported that the browning reaction with fructose occurred at a faster rate than that with glucose” (4.3), [92].  Section (6.6) begins with an “ancient” but basic 1979 editorial: Fructose “leaves the liver in a disturbed metabolic state, distinguished by a decrease in the content of ATP, a decrease in the ability of the liver to take up lactate, and an increase in the rate of uric acid formation” [147].  A powerful 2006 article provides “A physiological mechanism for human troubles from fructose misuse” (6.13), [12].  A March 5, 2009, item in the Updates section describes a possible therapeutic agent to prevent the pathogenesis of fructose-induced insulin resistance.  See especially (9.11), [225] on possible fructose-caused brain damage in small children.

It is still more interesting that, even with all these peer-reviewed articles on the evils of fructose (see all of the largest section, section 6), we continue pouring this harmful sugar into our small children, especially our infants and toddlers (4.6-4.8) who bear the brunt of our misuse of fructose (9.10).  It is here proposed that the first few sentences in the abstract go a long way toward explaining that, and the discussion of this begins in (1.1): the first, and most basic, mistaken concept is the oft-repeated notion, “A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.”  This concept is (a) wrong and (b) blocking the path to the solution of this obesity/diabetes pandemic.  That is briefly discussed in (1.0) and is thoroughly covered in section 2.  Section 5 provides much general support for that idea but the most powerful argument supporting the idea that not all calories are alike in their effects upon human weight, and health, lies in the very nature of glucose and fructose, in the Tale of Two Sugars throughout section 4.

Those two basic six-carbon monosaccharides of nature, glucose and fructose. have the identical chemical formula but their difference in molecular structure explains it all (4.3).  The human liver works hard to keep the blood concentration of vital glucose up to its necessary level even if no glucose is ingested, while that same liver works much harder trying to keep the blood concentration of the evil twin fructose down at essentially zero even if one guzzles today’s large doses of misused fructose (4.1-4.4, 4.12).  That extra effort on fructose is what has been harming so many livers in recent decades. And we are overlooking the obvious:  for millions of years, human infants and toddlers were fed zero fructose while today we even have some health-care professionals urging parents to feed them 100% fruit juice.  No wonder they are having so much trouble (1.1), (1.3), (8.2).  All that is why we must, immediately, commence the effort of stopping the feeding of fructose/sucrose sugarwater to the little ones and of removing fructose from the GRAS list.

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